Heads Update 08/18/2020: Logistics

Dear Parents,

As we prepare for the return to in-person learning on Monday August 31st and distance learning from Tuesday 1st September we wanted to share some final logistics information for your reference.

A final reminder to please read and acknowledge the Reopening Plan here confirming in your choice for in-person versus distance learning in the acknowledgement form contained in the document. This document confirms key information on the protocols and processes that will be required for in-person learning at BIS-NY this term.

Please also review all the information and reminders on other health forms as required by NY State and other back to school information here.

Please note that for this year the Parent Handbook should be used in conjunction with the Reopening Plan which will take precedence over some of our normal routines during the current COVID19 situation.

Transition Week Schedule

The purpose of this week is to help all students settle quickly and happily into the new routines and arrangements of the new school year. The focus of the week will therefore be on student well being and on introducing and helping the students to understand and follow our new procedures and routines as a school, whether learning in-person or remotely.

Arrival & Dismissal Times

At arrival, staff will be present (socially distanced) at each of these points to greet and assist students and parents.

Please familiarize yourself with this document for details on exact locations and arrangements for each year level.

Please note, arrival times for Transition Week will be 9-9:15 for Years 4 to 12 and 9:15-9:30 for Reception to Year 3.

(The regular arrival times of 8:15-8:25 for Reception to Year 3 and 8:25-8:35 for Years 4 and above will begin on Tuesday 8th September for the first day of full term).

Dismissal will run at the regular school times this week at 3:15 for Reception to Year 3 and 3:30 for Years 4 to 12.

First week calendar

The first day of Transition Week for in-person learners is Monday 31st August and teachers will use this day to go over the practical arrangements for helping to keep everyone safe and well each day in school. In-person learners will then attend school each day this week from Monday 31st August- Thursday 3rd September. They will not have lessons on Friday 4th September.

The first day of Transition Week for distance learners is Tuesday 1st September and teachers will use this day to allow distance and in-person students in each class to get to know one another and to begin to establish and practise the arrangements for learning and collaborating as a class this year. Distance learners will then attend school for the normal school hours this week from Tuesday 1st to Thursday 3rd September. They will also have lesson time from 9 to 11 on Friday 4th September for distance learners only to go over the main arrangements for accessing lessons and work when full term begins the following week.

There are no lessons on the afternoon of Friday 4th September as this time will be used for staff training.


Mask protocols

A reminder that masks must be worn by students and staff when inside school buildings. (We are currently working on an approach to build in safe mask-breaks during the day for children). Masks need to be brought from home and it is recommended to have a spare mask in case the primary mask gets wet or broken. The school does have spare masks in case of need.

Arrival & Dismissal

Please review the final Arrival & Dismissal timings and locations here. Please find the Plaza Layout Map for arrival/dismissal locations layout HERE

    • Parents not allowed in school buildings - A reminder that parents and visitors may not come into school buildings. To help with separation at drop off for the start of the year, parents of our youngest children can stay socially distanced within the lower playground for Reception and on the plaza near the stairs to the Urban Garden for Year 1.
    • Scooters - can be dropped off and collected at the arrival & dismissal points.

Bike Racks

These are located outside the main school entrance (Building 20). There is room for 20 bikes, to be used on a first come first serve basis.

Please note that school is not responsible for loss/theft/damage to bikes stored here.


These are not being used this term to avoid unnecessary congestion and congregation by the students, therefore we recommend items brought from home are kept to a minimum.

Water bottles

These will not be provided this year. Please provide your own, labelled water bottle for your child.

Afterschool Care

A reminder this is being offered on a limited basis in pods only. Please indicate your interest in this for your family in the acknowledgement form (located in the Reopening Plan) due back to school on August 19th.


Please contact Sita at frontdesk@bis-ny.org with questions as we gather information relating to the offerings and protocols of the public and private bus services.

Distancing outside of school

We recommend that families/students socialize only within their pod, and to avoid close interaction with others who do not attend our school and are not in their pod.

Items to follow shortly

Ruvna Screening

Including information on how to register. For more information please review the Parent Guide here. Screening forms for all students must be submitted by 7:45 each morning.

Nutrislice Online Menu App

For weekly lunch ordering. Registration details and first week options will be ready to select on Aug 24th.

Looking forward to seeing the students again soon for the new school year whether in person or online.

Enjoy the rest of the summer break.

Jason Morrow